Hall of Fame Inductees

Gary Benfield

Gary was a power hitter, his defense skills as first baseman were outstanding. He played for Carolna for 16 years. Gary formed Carolina team in 1969, and led this team to win 4 AAAD/NSAD titles. He has won the All-Tournament twice.

Paul Kaessler
Old Timer
Paul was an outstanding defense player and dangerous hitter. he played for Westchester, Staten Island. He led his Westchester team to win their first AAAD title in 1976. Paul won the All Tournament , batting Average, and Most Valuable Player titles. Paul was also one of the greatest fast-pitch pitchers before playing Slo-Pitch Softball.

Cathy Miller

Alas Cathy Gargan/Saye, she played for Metro Atlanta and Greater Tampa Bay teams. In 2000, GTBAD won the NSAD title with Cathy on board. She received the All Tournament title three times and Batting Average title in 1988.

Daniel Selick
He was a slugger paired with gutsy base running and diving for the ball

He played for Sufflok Co., Block G, Chicago NW, Prince George, MWAD Reds,Westchester, Staten Island and Atlantic City teams.

He helped his MWAD Reds to win AAAD/NSAD title in 1984 and finished second place in ’85, ’86.’87, and ’90.

He received the All Tournament three times and Most RBI’s in 1987

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