Hall of Fame Inductees

Gilbert Bornstein
Gilbert was the outstanding coach for Oakland in
1970”s. He led his Oakland team to win the AAAD title
in 1978. Also his team finished second place twice. He
carried his team to the National tournament 9 times
John Hayes, Player

John was outstanding defensive player at outfield and
aggressive runner. He played 15 years for Oakland and
NWAAD teams. He led his Oakland team to win the
AAAD title and 2nd place twice. Won All-tournament
three times.

Nancy Moore, Player
Nancy was outstanding outfielder and power hitter. She
won All Tournament three times and also won the Most
RBIs and Most Home Runs. She led her Pierce Valley
and Los Angeles to the title three times. Played at least 26
Steven Wnek, Player

Steven was the lefty power hitting and great arm as
outfielder. He won the All Tournament five times. Also
won the Batting Average Champs. He led his Rochester
team to win AAAD titile in 1979. And finished 2nd place
twice. He played for Rochester, Chicago IAAD, Los
Angels and Southland for 34 years.

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