Hall of Fame Inductees

Gretchen Forgey

She played many years with several clubs.
She led her team to 5 AAAD titles with Dallas, Houston and
Metro Washington. She was an outstanding defensive player
and a sure hitter. She also received All Tournament Awards at


Marla Ratliff Marla Ratliff

She played for Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth.
She helped her Dallas team to the AAAD title in 1977 and she was also named
Most Valuable Player. She also won with Houston. She was a power
hitter and showed great leadership on the field. She also won
Highest Batting Average and Most RBIS in 1989. She received several
All-Tournament Awards at AAAD and SWAAD. She was player-coach for USA
team and won at Canada Tournament. She was the Most Valuable Player.

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