Craig Brown

Craig of Carolina is being enshrined as player. He won 10 National Champions. He is the greatest baserunner NSAD has ever seen. He is the daredevil while playing as an outfield.


James Bingham

James with several teams is being enshrined as a player. He is pure hitter with power.


John Bingham

John of New Jersey area is another sure hitter and an outstanding infielder and is being enshrined as a player.


Jeff Bartholomew

Jeff is being enshrined as coach-player. He led his Trenton team to win the AAAD/NSAD title. He was outstanding pitcher with super defensive skill. His team often finish in the top five.


Patrick Kuehn

Patrick is being enshrined as a player. He led MWAD Reds and Minnepaul in winning the AAAD/NSAD titles nine times. He is very patient at the plate and he is powerhitter and would take a  walk. He is also an outstanding httier.


Bob Meehan

Bob is being enshrined as player. He played for Trenton and Baltimore. He is hard hitter. He did win the batting average champion.


Jeff Salit

Jeff Salit played for 31 years and is still active.
He was named  in All Star 11 times and won Golden Gloves.
His team won 8 National Champions with Carolina, MWAD and MD Eagles. He also coached  MD Eagles for 10 years and led his team to 4 National Champions. He was named Coach of Tournament three times.

Barbra Servalli

Barbra is being enshrined as a player. She is the one player that has won more titles than anyone. She led her Women’s team to win AAAD/NSAD titles 11 times. She also led her CoEd team to win the title.


Sara Wummer

Sara is being enshrined as player. She is best female pitcher NSAD history. She led several National titles.


Steve Williamson

Steve is being enshrined as a coach. He led his Women’s team to in 3 titles with Baltimore SOC and Midwest Runnin’ Rebels.


Kevin Ryan

Kevin is enshrined as a leader. He served as NSAD Deputy Commissioner one year then became NSAD Sports Information Director for a number of years.


Bonnie Schwebke

Bonnie is being enshrined as a leader. She served as a CAAD Secretary-Treasurer then became CAAD President. She is currently holding the longest tenure of all regional officers.

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