Awards (2012)

2012 All-Star list

Rocco Saccente – Great Lakes
Phil Miller – Great Lakes
Ronnie Zuchegno – Great Lakes
Brandon Miller – Great Lakes
Daren Toman  – Great Lakes
Ryan Baldiviez – DSA Stars
Ian Goldstein – DSA Stars
Max Andreas – DSA Stars
Shane Winkenwader – Midwest NEWB
Bradley Vickers – Midwest NEWBWomenKitty Bottoms – Great Lakes
Andrea Zuchegno – Great Lakes
Lauren Buchko – Great Lakes
Liz Range – Great Lakes
Kris DeRosa – Great Lakes
Jessica Ensign – DSA Stars
Isa Dotson – DSA Stars
Jeannette Duarte  – DSA Stars
Andrea Smith – Midwest NEWB
Michelle Heathington – Midwest NEWB

2012 NSAD Coed Champs – Great Lakes Scared Hitless

Women Teams

Nancy Moore – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels
Michelle Malcolm – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels
Mollie Easter – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels
Barbara Seravalli – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels
Angela Kuehn – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels
Leigh Statler – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels
Pam Smiley – LACD
Samantha DeLa Cruz – LACD
Justina Mendez – LACD
Wendy George – LACD
Vanessa Steffins – LACD
Andrea Zuchegno – Rochester Sapphires
Dara Toman – Rochester Sapphires
Lauren Huseby – Rochester Sapphires
Nicole Dugan – Rochester Sapphires
Jennie Tandoc – Rochester Sapphires
Amanda Huff – KTW
Melissa Stein – KTW
Kristy McKeller – KTW
Leah Bartell – Norcal Stingers
Angel Cole – Seattle Mermaids

2012 NSAD Womens Champs – Midwest Runnin’ Rebels


Ryan Lentz – Fremont Hoy’s Boys
Kevin Bishop – Fremont Hoy’s BoysCory Fletcher – Fremont Hoy’s Boys
John Ramirez III – Fremont Hoy’s Boys
Shane Mullen – Fremont Hoy’s Boys
Matt Spurgeon – Fremont Hoy’s Boys
Paul Langlois – Chicago Mafia
Barritt Todd – Chicago Mafia
Chris Barrett – Chicago Mafia
James Bingham – Chicago Mafia
Daren Toman – Chicago Mafia
Sean Mugavero – California Explosives
Eddie Yepez – California Explosives
Davis Nguyen – California Explosives
Albert Reins – California Explosives
Ronald Wyatt – Sioux Falls CSD Blue Sox
Jacolby Anderson – Sioux Falls CSD Blue Sox
Jacob Browning –  Sioux Falls CSD Blue Sox
Edgardo Rivera – New England Evolutions
Mike Wiesner – Olathe Reapers

2012 NSAD Mens Champions – Fremont Hoy’s Boys

Coed Awards

Coming Soon
Most Valuable Player – Ronnie Zuchegno (Great Lakes)
Coming Soon
Most Outstanding Player – Phil Miller (Great Lakes)
Coming Soon
Batting Average Champion – Rocco Saccente .786 (Great Lakes)
Coming Soon
Golden Glove – Dan Flores (DSA Stars)
Coming Soon
Coach of Tournament – Priscella Duarte (DSA Stars)
Coming Soon
Team Sportsmanship – DSA Stars

Women’s Awards

Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Batting Average Champion (.750)
Michelle Malcom (Midwest Runnin’ Rebels)
Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Women’s MVP
Honesty Powell (Midwest Runnin’ Rebels)
Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Most Outstanding PlayerNancy Moore (Midwest Runnin’ Rebels)
Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Women’s Golden Glove
Michelle Malcom (Midwest Runnin’ Rebels)
Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Coach of Women’s Tournament
Steve Williamson (Midwest Runnin’ Rebels)
Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Women’s Sportsmanship Team

Seattle Mermaids

Men’s Awards

Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD Batting Average Champion (.769)
Davis Nguyen (California Explosives
Picture Coming Soon2012 NSAD Men’s Most Valuable Player
Ken Lavoy (Fremont Hoy’s Boys)
Picture Coming Soon2012 NSAD  Most Outstanding Player
Leroy Dozal (Fremont Hoy’s Boys)
Picture Coming Soon
2012 NSAD  Golden Glove
Sean Mugavero (California Explosives)
2011 NSAD Coach of Men's Tournament

2012 NSAD Coach of Men’s Tournament

Saul Gevarter (Fremont Hoy’s Boys)

Picture Coming Soon
CSD Sioux Falls Blue Sox
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