2015 NSAD Softball Council Meeting Minutes

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In loving memory of

Stephen Alan Williamson


September 17, 1948 – September 27, 2015

2015 NSAD Tourney Quick Links

2015 NSAD Men’s Champions


2015 NSAD Men’s Champions

Fremont Hoy’s Boys

2015 NSAD Women’s Champions

2015NSAD-women-Champs2015 NSAD Women’s Champions

Midwest Runnin’ Rebels

2015 NSAD Coed Champions

2015 NSAD Coed Champions


  1. Northwest Deaf Derby
  2. Midwest Ruthless
  3. New England Odd Balls
  4. Eastern Scared Hitless
  • Coed Class B Winners – Wichita Tornadoes
  • Sportsmanship – Kentucky Kombies

Vlog: Q&A, Schedule & Events

2015 NSAD Tournament Pools


Mens’ Pool

Womens’ Pool


Mens’ & Womens’ pools to be finalized after Coaches meeting on 08/06/2015. Brackets to follow after Pool Play.

2015 NSAD Hall of Fame Inductees

NSAD 2015 Updates

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