Road to Indianapolis

Updated as of June 30, 2016

If you plan to participate in 2016 NSAD Tournament, send an email to





*Detroit Hitmen (Central)

*Derby Fighting Irish (New England)

*Carolinas (Southeast)

*Houston Xtremes (Southwest)

*NE EVO (New England)

*WSAD Old Style (Central)

*WSAD Mustangs (Central)

California 3B (Farwest)

California Soldiers (Northwest)

MAFIA (Central)

DC Generals (East)

Holyoke (New England)

Hoy’s Boys (Northwest)

Midwest Grenade Kingz (Midwest)

New Jersey Bombers (East)

Puerto Rico (Southeast)

Tidewater Tides (Southeast)



Austin Bombers (Southwest)

B.A.B. (Farwest)

Chicago WSAD (Central)

Eastern Lady Reapers (East)

Florida (Southeast)

Midwest Thundercats (Midwest)

Midwest Runnin’ Rebels (Midwest)

New Jersey Strong (East)

Softball Divas (Farwest)

Sugar Skullz (Southeast)



*WSAD KCIB (Central)

ASP Nation

Eastern Zombies (East)

Indy Thunders (Central)

Midwest Maulers (Midwest)

NE Oddballs (New England)

Ruthless (Midwest)

Roster Deadline & Hotel

Commissioner Pat Kinast share updates about the deadline for roster submission and an additional hotel.

Bat Inspection

NSAD Bat Inspector Saul Gevarter explains approved bats for 2016 NSAD Tournament.

Associations, Uniforms and Balls

Commissioner Pat Kinast talks about associations, uniforms and balls.

Free Agents and Hearing Players

Commissioner Pat Kinast shares information on free agents and hearing players.

Team Roster

Commissioner Pat Kinast explains where to find information on rules for team roster.

Online Team Registration

Secretary Sheri Mize explains online team registration.

Tournament Updates

Commissioner Pat Kinast shares updates on 2016 NSAD Tournament.

2016 Early Bird Team Entry Form

2016 Early Bird Team Entry Form

2016 NSAD Tournament Flyer

2016 NSAD Tournament Flyer

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