Tournament Recap & Future Plans

Commissioner Pat Kinast recaps the softball tournament and shares future plans.

Tournament App

Commissioner Pat Kinast announces new tournament app called ‘Tourney Machine’. Download it from App Store or Google Play Store.

Road to Indianapolis

Road to Indianapolis

Updated as of August 4, 2016

If you plan to participate in 2016 NSAD Tournament, send an email to





*California 3B (Farwest)

*CA Soldiers (Northwest)

*Carolinas (Southeast)

*DC Generals (East)

*Derby Fighting Irish (New England)

*Detroit Hitmen (Central)

*DMV Senators (East)

*Flint Arrows (Central)

*Grenade Kingz (Midwest)

*Holyoke Athletics(New England)

*Hoy’s Boys (Northwest)

*Houston Xtremes (Southwest)

*MAFIA (Central)

*Men of Mayhem (Southwest)

*NE EVO (New England)

*New Century Press/Blue Sox (Midwest)

*New Jersey Bombers (East)

*Pittsburgh Steel Balls (East)

*Puerto Rico (Southeast)

Tidewater Tides (Southeast)

*WSAD Old Style (Central)

*WSAD Mustangs (Central)



*B.A.B. (Farwest)

*Chicago WSAD (Central)

*Eastern Lady Reapers (East)

*Midwest Runnin’ Rebels (Midwest)

*Midwest Thundercats (Midwest)

*New Jersey Strong (East)

*Yinzers (East)



*ASP Nation (Central)

*Detroit Belles (East)

*Eastern Zone (East)

*Eastern Zombies (East)

*ID Dragons (Central)

*Indy Thunders (Central)

*Midwest Maulers (Midwest)

*Midwest Underdogs (Midwest)

*NE Oddballs (New England)

*Ruthless (Midwest)

*Tidewater Skulls (Southeaset)

*WSAD KCIB (Central)

Rules for Indianapolis Sports Park

Commissioner Pat Kinast explains rules for Indianapolis Sports Park.

Cornhole Tournament

NSAD will be hosting Cornhole Tournament Thursday night, August 11 at the Indiana Deaf Club. See the flyer below for more information. Hope to see you all there!



Tournament Updates

Commissioner Pat Kinast shares plans for the tournament.

Fans, Team Registration & Free Agents

Commissioner Pat Kinast shares updates regarding fans, team registration, and free agents.

Hall of Fame – Class of 2016

Commissioner Emeritus Vance Rewolinski announces the 2016 Hall of Fame class.

Deadline for Early Bird Team Entry is nearing!

Commissioner Pat Kinast alerts about the deadline for early bird team entry.

Roster Deadline & Hotel

Commissioner Pat Kinast share updates about the deadline for roster submission and an additional hotel.

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