Rules and Regulations


NSAD Softball Council Meeting

Clearwater, Florida

August 2,, 2018

NSAD Commissioner Kevin Bella called the meeting in order at 3:22 p.m.

Roll Call:

NSAD officers:  Secretary Sheri Mize and Treasurer Brian Fruits

N:  Whitney Rainey, Scott Bradach and Charles Trumble

E:  Al Reins, Jenna Crosson, and Ronda O’Niell

W:  Larry Mosquera, Rod Jex and Alicia Johnson

S:  Stephanie Hurwitz, and Cary McKeller

Reading of minutes:

The minutes from Softball Council meeting in Henderson, Nevada was accepted as it reads.

Executive Board Meeting – had about 10 meetings that we had via zoom.

Officer Reports:

Commissioner Kevin Bella’s report:

*Been working on audiograms during in June, lots of them were cleared by talking with individuals via VP.

*Website-worked on my own, will revamp after NSAD

*Showed his gratitudes toward Sheri Mize and Vance Rewolinski that had assisting him with all informations regard NSAD in the past and present.

*Thanks Brian Fruits for smoothly transition of finances.

*Thanks Tom Mueller/Vance Rewolinski for the tournament in Clearwater that they had the hotels/fields contract being signed last year.

*Thanks Scott Bradach for the logo that he designed for the tournament and he asked him what he would like for him to return the favors, he insisted a 12-pack of Coors Light in which he did.

*Thanks Law Chairperson Ronnie Zuchegno and his committees.


Secretary Sheri Mize’s report: no report

Treasurer Brian Fruits’s report:

  • Form 990 – been researching from 2002 to current.  What was the factors, etc?
  • 2018 NSAD finance report is on WAVE accounts (free software) to upload the revenues and expenses.
  • Easy to group all categories to report form 990.
  • NSAD is current standing on form 990 reports
  • Incorporated by State of Kansas
  • Our NSAD bank is Wells Fargo.
  • All 2018 finance documented in our binder, if any question-feel free to ask.
  • Shared the power point presentation of interesting facts.
  • Paypal system – will do better next year just a simple and better to submit

By-Laws Chair Ronnie Zuchegno:

*Been working with Cary McKeller, CJ Fuzerland, Joey Kolcun, and Sheri Mize as they were on AD HOC committee by using the glide to meet couple of times and revised all By-laws and regulations/rules.

Motion #1

EB moves that we omit the whole part of ByLaws Article 1 Section 3.1 which states:

“3.1 Annual team/individual membership flat rate of $125 (one hundred twenty-five) as listed on the team’s roster shall be paid to the NSAD Treasurer on or before July 1st annually.” (Passed)

Motion #2

EB amendes that we rephrase the ByLaws Article 2 Section 1.2.2.

1.2.2 NSAD Softball Tournament Director shall make sure a suite room for the NSAD commissioner and 4 rooms for NSAD elected officers.”

1.2.2 NSAD Softball Commissioner shall make sure a suite room for the NSAD Commissioner and up to five (5) rooms for NSAD Board of Directors with financing contingency.” (Passed)

Motion #3

EB moves that we remove ByLaws Article 2 Section 1.2.3 which states:

“1.2.3 The NSAD Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer shall receive five hundred dollars ($500) as an annual expense allowance.” (Passed)

Motion #4

EB moves that we replace “worse” with “better” in Rules and Regulations Article 1 section 3.1

3.1 A player shall have a hearing loss of 55 db or greater in the worse “better” ear to be eligible.  This rule is still subject to deliberation, therefore, not “fully implemented” or “subject to interpretation.” (Passed)

Motion #5

EB moves that we add “….failure to meet requirements can be reviewed case by case with Executive Board.” at the end of first sentence in Rules and Regulations Article 1 section 3.1

3.1 A player shall have a hearing loss of 55 db or greater in the worse “better” ear to be eligible,” failure to meet requirements can be reviewed case by case with Executive Board.”

This rule is still subject to deliberation, therefore, not “fully implemented” or “subject to interpretation.” (Passed)

Motion #6

Joseph Kolcun moves that we omit the whole part in Tournament Policies Article 1 Section 4.3

4.3 For men division, if there are less than 20 teams, the “B” tournament will not occur.  For COED division, if there are less than 10 teams, the “B” tournament will not occur.” (Passed)

Motion #7

ED moves that we insert in a new Section 3 under Article 3 in Rules and Regulations.

Section 3:  Due process for all kind of misconduct behavior (physical/verbal abuse, threatening, any form of harassment, etc.) among all NSAD participants, spectators, and all other kind related to NSAD.

3.1  Executive Board shall type a letter with letterhead and email or mail within fourteen (14) days of incident.

3.2  The defendant has thirty (30) days after receiving the letter from NSAD to appeal.  (NSAD Executive Board would assume that the defendant accept the charge and sentence if the defendant did not appeal within 30 days.)

3.3  When Executive Board receives the appeal from the defendant, they have fourteen (14) days to make decision.

3.4  If the defendant does not agree with Executive Board’s decision about the appeal, th defendant must send the letter to Softball Council within fourteen (14) days from Executive Board’s decision on the appeal.

3.5  Softball Council’s decision will be the final.  

(Amended to Quad liaison to replace Softball Council (3.4).  (Passed)

(Amended to appeal committee to 3.5)  (Passed)

The main motion was passed with the amended to 3.4 and 3.5.

Motion #8

EB moves that we remove (one year trial) in section 4 under Article 3 in ByLaws.

4.2 The annual meeting of the Softball Council shall be held in the NSAD tournament city on Thursday before the NSAD Tournament. (One year Trial) (Passed in 2017)  (Passed to remove the one year trial)

Motion #9

EB moves that we rephase the Time Limit rule #6a in NSAD Modified Rules.

  1. Game length is seven innings or when the 65 minutes and no new inning after 60 minutes with the exception that if the between two teams in a game is 3 runs or less, they shall play one more inning.

Game length is seven innings or when the time run out with 55 minutes for round robins and 60 minutes for bracket game.

Unfinished business: NONE

New Business:

SB 18-01:  Moved  to refer Law Committee.

SB 18-02:  Moved that NSAD give $500 sponsorship fee to Deaf Seniors Softball to participate in Las Vegas World 50+ men seniors softball.  (Passed)

SB 18-03:  Moved that NSAD shall allow free agents (women) from 2 to 3.  (Failed)

SB 18-04:  Moved “2.6.2 – must play within the same quadrant.” and “2.6.4 – No hearing players are allowed to be free agent to be removed.”  (Failed)

SB 18-05:  Moved that Colorado moves back to North Quadrant.  (Passed)

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 p.m.

Submitted by Secretary Sheri Mize.

ASL Version- 2018 NSAD Minutes Video

NSAD Softball Council Meeting

Henderson, Nevada

August 6, 2017

NSAD Commissioner Patrick Kinast called the meeting in order at 5:26 p.m.

Roll Call:

NSAD officers: Secretary Sheri Mize

Cary McKeller, Ronnie Zuchegno, Joey Kolcun, Vance Rewolinski, Kevin Bella/Bert Enos, Saul Gevater, Alicia Johnson, Robert Rush, Nick Vernon, Scott Bradach, David Letkiewicz, Adan Rodriguez, and Candice Arteaga.

Reading of minutes:

The minutes from Softball Council meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana was accepted as it reads

Officer Reports:

Commissioner Patrick Kinasts report:

* Picked Las Vegas over Reno, Southern California and Fremont due to availability and had a better relationship with field (Big League Dream) and hotel (Sunset Station) for NSAD 2017

*Ronnie Zuchegno (Law Chair) did a good job with Bylaws committee for overhaul bylaw.

*Feel content with website.

* Disappointed that we had 31 teams played for NSAD 2017, was the lowest since Portland.

*Cary McKeller (Tournament Director) did fabulous job to run the event

*Weather was not that bad and went smoothly for three days.

*Big League Dream is great place to play and we should use their organization again

*Thanks to crews, umpires, and volunteers for make this tournament success

* Decided not to run for commissioner again.

Secretary Sheri Mizes report:

*Had the effective communications with coaches, appreciated that some of them sent the attachments of audiograms of new players.

*Still had the problem of the forms that were not submitted for some reason.

Treasurer report: Sheri Mize took over Rod Jex as interim.

I had the two auditors who worked thoroughly the finance report and was not approved due to missing receipts. So it was not official until I gather all receipts and will email later.

Stopped for a short recess with a dinner provided by NSAD at 6:05 p.m. then resumed at 6:40 p.m.

Patrick Kinast shared his report of 2016 finance report with some questions that being inquired.

By-Laws Chair Ronnie Zuchegno:

*Been working with Cary McKeller, CJ Fuzerland, Joey Kolcun, and Sheri Mize as they were on AD HOC committee by using the glide to meet seventh time and revised all By-laws and regulations/rules.

*Need to vote our NSAD By-Laws tonight and get it revised officially.

Insert the (By-Laws) minutes

Unfinished business: NONE

New Business:

SB 17-01: Moved that NSAD to remove $100 toward cash prizes from the entry fees. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 17-02: Moved that we amend to meet twice a year to commit via video chat. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 17-03: Moved that we create Mens, Womens and COED tournament bracket director. Seconded and (FAILED)

SB 17-04: Moved that we host the annual tournament at Florida. Seconded and (FAILED)

SB 17-05: Moved that Section 3.4 – 16 years old unless the insurance applies with parents signature. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 17-06: Moved that we allow:

Only one (1) CODA instead of 2 for Women – (PASSED)

CODA stays within its Quadrants- (PASSED)

Maximum to 2 families per team – amended to limit one (1) family per team.(PASSED)

CODA – cant be a Free Agent. (PASSED) amended to apply men only. (FAILED)

(SB 17-07: Moved that the softball council meeting to be held on Thursday before NSAD tournament. Seconded and (PASSED)

Amended that it will be one-year trial. Seconded and (PASSED)

The main motion is that the softball council meeting to be held on Thursday before NSAD tournament on a one year trial basis. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 17-08: Moved that any new player(s) shall submit his/her audiology test before June 1st. If not then after June 1st it will be $20 fee. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 17-09: Moved that NSAD charge $200 for cash prize as the team entry fee and will charge $20 per player to cover NSAD expenses. Seconded and (referred to budget committee)

SB 17-10: Moved that we open the discussion on Quadrant for 2 years trial. Seconded and (FAILED)

SB 17-11: Moved that Board of Director is to appoint 4 liaison Quadrants and each quadrants must pick one female and one male. Seconded and (PASSED)

The election of the officers:

Kevin Bella – our new NSAD Commissioner.

Sheri Mize – Secretary

Brian Fruits – Treasurer

The meeting adjourned at 12:53 a.m.

Submitted by Secretary Sheri Mize.


NSAD Softball Council Meeting

Indianapolis, Indiana

August 14, 2016

NSAD Commissioner Patrick Kinast called the meeting in order at 9:15 a.m.

Roll Call:

NSAD officers: Secretary Sheri Mize and Treasurer Rod Jex.

Samantha De La Cruz, James Johnson, Saul Gervater, Cary McKeller, Frank Allnutt, Marti Hermann and Libby Pollard as our parliamentarian.

Reading of minutes:

The minutes from Softball Council meeting in Omaha, Nebraska was accepted as it reads with correction. (SB 5-9 should be 5-10 and 5-11 in order)

Officer Reports:

Commissioner Patrick Kinast’s report:

*Webmaster-was working during his volunteer time to transfer from the former to the current to update our website.

*VLOG-challenge for me as I was trying to vlog to do better from time to time.

*Challenges that I faced with visiting 2 parks that delayed in making the decision in a short period of time. Faced with several pros and cons to determine the site. Decided to pick ISOP Park due to being very cooperative and supportive from the park owner.

*We made it in one day playing all day on Friday from 7:00 a.m. until the end of the women’s championship at 3:00 a.m. then the men’s championship game completed at 4:30 due to the weather that was predicated with a possible storm next day.

*Was very pleased with the outcome of the number of participating teams (44 Teams) combined of 23 men, 8 women and 13 COED teams.

*Expressed the gratitude of having umpires that worked all day on Friday-12 games a day.

*Excited that we have Libby Pollard as our parliamentarian to help with the softball council.

*Developed the weather guidelines to deal with the weather issues, already sent the attachment of it to the coaches. Will need to approve during the new business meeting.

*The hardest part was the audiogram since there was H.I.P.A. issue that needed to waive, etc. Need to come up with any idea what we could do.

*By-Laws-need to revise and update as a whole.

*The explanation of increased fee was the reason of the park’s cost and set up the app of tourney machine that was cool that everyone could keep the updated information of the tournament during this weekend.

*Possible site of the tournament at California in 2017.

Secretary Sheri Mize’s report:

*Was very pleased with coaches as they kept communicating and feeding back with some correction of players’ roster.

*Enjoyed working with the coaches via email.

*Want to keep this kind of effective communication during the year of 2016-2017.

Treasurer report:

First part with Patrick Kinast during the last part of 2015 statement.

*Dec.30 must submit tax form, 2016.

Second part with Rod Jex’s report:

*Explained about the background of what had been pursued the career of working with finances and glad to be part of NSAD.

*Showed the operation format of revenues and expenses on the chart to give us the idea what it displayed.

*Balance as of current is $17,300 in checking account and $2,502 in saving account and the total is $19,802.

*Discussed financial report and received some questions among the members. The comparison of 2014 and 2015 was indicated with what will be needed to revisit with the projected budget.

By-Laws Chair Ronnie Zuchegno:

*Been working with Libby Pollard via glide to sort out with all the questions relating to the by-laws that needed to revise a lot, was not updated.

*Need to revise our NSAD By-Laws and insert with several policies as soon as possible by having the ADHOC meeting with 5 members to work with him.

Stopped for a short recess at 10:17 a.m. then resumed at 10:30 a.m.

Unfinished business: NONE

New Business:

SB 16-01: Moved that the tournament involve women’s teams in any upcoming plans or changes of plans to assure having the communication. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-02: Moved that NSAD accepts the submitted team registration from coaches only and no longer to requires any player to register. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-03: Moved that we appoint AdHoc to revise the By-Laws. Seconded and (PASSED) SB 16-04: Moved that we follow the current NSA rulebook without any modification. Seconded and (FAILED)

SB 16-05: Moved that we vote on the home run rules with same rule as 5 home runs limit or 2+ or 5 & up and 1+ hr. Seconded and (FAILED)

SB 16-06: Moved that we approved the weather guideline with the elimination of one statement as and if or how the tournament will proceed… seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-07: Moved that we give NSAD executive board to have the authorization to retest the player’s audiology at the tournament site. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-08: Moved that NSAD add the $5.00 player fee to the team entry fee to be designated for the prize money. Seconded and (FAILED)

SB 16-09: Moved that non-free agent list shall be picked in order by first come on the list when any team have less than 11 players at the present tournament. Seconded and (PASSED)

FIRST AMEND: To fill in the players at the tournament site not considered as Free Agent. Seconded and (PASSED)

The main motion: The list of any team have less than 11 players at the present tournament that we could fill in the players not considered as Free Agent. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-10: Moved that we withhold $100 from the team entry fee that will goes to the cash prize. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-11: Moved that we add the wording four (4) to replace eight (8) regions in ByLaws Section 2.1 and Section 2.2. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-12: Moved NSAD changes F/A rules from 1 any age, 1 over 30, and 1 over 35 to 3 any ages for Women. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-13: Moved that we allow NSAD to host the tourney site at Sioux City, Iowa during 2019. Seconded and (PASSED)

First Amend: Moved that on the contingent of receiving the confirmation letter from Sports Authority Co within 60 days. Seconded and (PASSED)

Main Motion: Moved that we allow NSAD to host the tournament site at Sioux City, Iowa during 2019 on the contingent of receiving the confirmation letter from Sports Authority Co within 60 days. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-14: Moved that NSAD to set up ADHOC committee to look into feasibility of adding the new divisions. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-15: Moved that we spend 15 minutes to discuss framework of By-Laws revisions. Seconded and (PASSED)

SB 16-16: Moved that NSAD to host during the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August. Seconded and (PASSED)

The meeting adjourned at 12:43 p.m.

Submitted by Secretary Sheri Mize.


Section 1 NAME

1.1 The name of this organization shall be known as National Softball Association of the Deaf, Incorporated (NSAD).


2.1 NSAD is incorporated with the State of Kansas.


3.1 NSAD is independently operated but may affiliate with USSSA, USA Softball, NSA, WSL, ISA or any other national softball association.


1.1 Promote and protect the mutual interests of all members of NSAD, and to provide a social outlet for deaf softball participants and their friends.

1.2 Develop participation in the sport of softball under and national organizations active in athletic competition and in recreational events by deaf persons.

1.3 Promote and maintain the mutual interest of deaf people in creditable and sportsmanlike participation in athletic competition and recreational events in the softball sport.

1.4 Stimulate healthful, physical, moral, and cultural education for deaf softball enthusiasts.


2.1 Establish national goals for softball activities and encourage attainment of these goals.


3.1 Encourage and support research, development and dissemination of information regarding deaf softball participants and softball programs.

3.2 Develop the health, character, patriotism and good citizenship of deaf youth by promoting and encouraging their physical fitness, moral and cultural education and public participation in softball activities.

3.3 Act as the parent organization of the development of local softball organizations, these to be governed by the rules and regulations promulgated by NSAD.


4.1 Foster and regulate uniform rules of softball competition among NSAD member clubs, and any other organizations for the deaf.

4.2 Promote annual regional and national tournaments in the softball sport under NSAD; regional athletic associations; and such other forms of softball competition as to warrant the interests of the deaf community in general.

4.3 Improve and maintain the standards of deaf softball sport to the point where they can gain and hold respect in competition with hearing teams and individuals.

Section 1 IRS

1.1 This nonprofit organization has with tax exempt status under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


1.1 All proposed changes to the Bylaws must be officially submitted in writing to the Law Chairperson by members no later than July 1st

1.2 The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote cast from all the members and recorded in the following Annual Softball Council Meeting for the record.


1.1 The effective date of revisions for the Bylaws shall be October 1st. after the formal ratification in the annual meeting of the Softball Council.


1.1 Any parliamentary procedures not covered specially by any NSAD Constitution, By Laws, Rules and Regulations, Tournament policy, and others shall be followed as per to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.


1.1  In the event of dissolution, all tangible assets shall be sold and all monies after outstanding debts are paid, realized there from together with any other monies remaining shall be turned over to  Deaf High School Hoy Baseball and Softball Tournament approved by the NSAD Board of Directors to be held in trust against eventual revival of this or similar organization. A similar organization shall be eligible to receive these only after it has been in existence minimum of five (5) years. In no case shall the appointed organization be liable for any debts of this organization.



1.1 The types of memberships in NSAD shall be available to qualified quadrants who apply through proper channels on a voluntary basis and who agree to comply with the NSAD Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Policies.


2.1 The national territory of NSAD shall be divided into four (4) quadrants, subject to change as the occasion may demand. Each quadrant shall be represented by the Quadrant representation who shall serve as a member of NSAD Board of Directors and act as liaison officer between his/her quadrant and NSAD.

2.2 The four quadrants shall be constituted as follows:

2.2.1 NORTH QUADRANT: Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, and Nebraska.

2.2.2 EAST QUADRANT: New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

2.2.3 SOUTH QUADRANT: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

2.2.4 WEST QUADRANT: Utah, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado.


3.1 Annual team/individual membership flat rate of $125 (one hundred twenty-five) as listed on the team’s roster shall be paid to the NSAD Treasurer on or before July 1st annually.

3.2 Revisions to the team membership dues shall be determined by NSAD Softball Council during the Annual NSAD Softball Council meeting.


1.1 The officers of NSAD shall be Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer.

1.1.1 The election and term of office shall be prescribed for elections of the NSAD officers to be a majority vote at the annual meeting of the Softball Council with terms for these officers commencing as of December 1st. Officers serving terms:

  1. Commissioner- Four (4) years
  2. Secretary and Treasurer – Four (4) years with understanding they must have the votes with confidence after end of the second year in four-year term.

1.1.2 In order to be elected as a NSAD officer, that person must have at least 5 years’ service as a team member or umpire

1.2 NSAD Executive Board’s Expenses

1.2.1 Transportation expenses of the NSAD Executive Board to the NSAD Tournament Site, in the form of the lowest applicable round-trip airfare between 30-90 days from the tournament date, shall be paid by NSAD.

1.2.2 NSAD Softball Tournament Director shall make sure a suite room for the NSAD commissioner and 4 rooms for NSAD elected officers.

1.2.3 The NSAD Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer shall receive five hundred dollars ($500.00) as an annual expense allowance.


2.1 The Commissioner shall:

2.1.1 Presides at the Annual Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Softball Council meetings.

2.1.2 Supervise the business of the Executive Board.

2.1.3 Monitor and enforce the Constitution; Bylaws; Rules and Regulations; and Policies of NSAD.

2.1.4 Sign all vouchers for expenditures of the organizational funds.

2.1.5 Appoint a parliamentarian for softball council meeting.

2.1.6 Serve as official liaison officer to the media.

2.1.7 Shall appoint a Tournament Director, Law Chairperson and Commissioner Emeritus with approval of Executive Board by January 1st.

2.1.8 Oversee NSAD webmasters duties Webmaster shall have a contract signed with NSAD Executive Board Webmaster shall maintain NSAD Website and post materials as instructed

2.2 The Secretary shall have the prescribed duties to:

2.2.1 May appoint a recording secretary, who shall be compensated to keep accurate records of the Executive Board, Board of Directors and Softball Council meetings and all the business transacted by the said Board.

2.2.2 Issue notice of all meetings of the Executive Board and Softball Council.

2.2.3 Distribute copies of the proceedings of the Annual Softball Council meetings to all active team coaches on file within 60 (sixty) days.

2.2.4 Submit NSAD Executive Board, Board of Directors and Softball Council meeting minutes to the to be posted on NSAD Website thirty (30) days after the NSAD Tournament. Must make Vlogs for the passed motions.

2.3.5 Conduct all official correspondence.

2.3.6 Keep a complete and accurate record of all softball events held under the auspices of this organization and retain all official file copies for the NSAD permanent database system.

2.3 The Treasurer shall have the prescribed duties to:

2.3.1 Open and maintain bank account(s) in the name of this organization for all organization funds at a bank of his/her choice with approval of the Executive Board.

2.3.2 Submit periodical financial reports to the Executive Board and Softball Council in their meetings.

2.3.3 Collect all team dues and maintain a membership roster.

2.3.4 Monitor the hosting registration committee at national tournaments.

2.3.5 Upon notification of any expenses occurred relating to NSAD Championship teams, prizes, fees, and/or etc., a check must be mailed within 30 days.

2.3.6 Shall appoint two (2) auditors, one living in same locality as the Treasurer.

2.3.7 Complete and send IRS forms and renew non-profit corporation status by May 15, annually.

2.4 The Tournament Director shall have the prescribed duties to:

2.4.1 Inspect and approve the hosting arrangements of national tournament facilities one year prior to the tournament date.

2.4.2 Make sure the site will be at various quadrants.

2.4.3 Contact the site’s fields for the future and sign a contract with them.

2.4.4 Contact the site’s Hotel for the future and sign a contract with them.

2.4.5 Shall submit the artwork for the flyers to the Executive Board for approval prior to distribution of the flyers to the public.

2.4.6 Shall supervise the field and equipment to be ready.

2.4.7 Shall be in charge of program book advertising, trophies and souvenirs.

2.4.8 May select the Liaison officer at the tournament site.

2.4.9 Shall schedule the tournament games.

2.4.10 Shall schedule the umpires.

2.4.11 Preside at the Coaches’ Meetings a day before the first tournament game.

2.4.12 Schedule the National Tournament Brackets with seeding drawings.

2.4.13 Shall appoint Softball Information Director

2.5 The Softball Information Director shall have the prescribed duties to:

2.5.1 Form and monitor reporting and statistics pools for covering national tournaments.

2.5.2 Submit all game and individual statistical paperwork to the Tournament Director within thirty days at the conclusion of each national tournament.

2.5.3 Shall supervise the artwork necessary for national tournaments, such as tickets, posters, and flyers.

2.5.4 Shall be responsible for all awards necessary for national tournaments and related events.

2.5.5 Shall serve as the chair of the Softball All-Stars Selection Committee

2.5.6 Shall be responsible for maintaining list of lifetime passes annually, submit an updated list to NSAD Secretary and to the host chairperson.

2.6 Commissioner Emeritus shall be:

2.6.1 Must serve at least two (2) terms of Commissioner.

2.6.2 Shall advice his/her experience toward current Commissioner

2.6.3 Assist the Tournament Director at the tournament, if need.

2.7 The Law Chairperson shall have the prescribed duties to: 

2.7.1 Attend to the Annual Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Softball Council meeting

2.7.2 Monitor and clarify the Constitution; Bylaws; Rules and Regulations; and Polices of NSAD

2.7.3 Shall chair the Law Committee, interpret and revise the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations; and Policies as mandated by NSAD.

2.7.4 Shall revise and finalize with Law Committee and submit to the Executive Board by November 1st for the approval; After approved by Executive Board, the revision and updated of Bylaws; Rules and Regulations; and Policies will be posted by January 1st.


1.1 The members of the NSAD Executive Board shall consist of Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Law Chairperson, Tournament Director and Commissioner Emeritus are invited to the Executive Board during the tournament time.


2.1 The Executive Board shall be empowered as a majority vote of its members believed appropriate in event they have knowledge that the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, or Policies have been violated, regardless of a lack of formal complaint from active teams.

2.2 The Executive Board shall be obligated to immediately inform all teams of any such actions taken.

2.3 The Executive Board shall have the authority to appoint another person to fill an unexpired term for any NSAD officer position that becomes vacant for any reason, except for the office of NSAD Commissioner.

2.4 The Executive Board shall meet at least two times annually via video conference to conduct the business of this organization. (Passed in 2017)

2.5 The Executive Board may conduct necessary actions by electronic reproductive written communication methods in between its meetings, later ratified in subsequent organizational meetings for the record.

2.6 The Executive Board shall appoint a webmaster by January 1st.


3.1 The makeup of the Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Board, Tournament Director, Law Chairperson, Commissioner Emeritus.

3.2 The Board of Directors shall meet at least twice a year via video conference to conduct business on national tournament and team registration issues in general. (see 2.4)

3.2.1 One meeting shall be conducted during the Annual Softball Tournament and the second one shall be held six months prior to the tournament.

3.3 The Board of Director shall have the authority to remove from office, by a majority vote of the entire Board of Director, any officer who fails to do his/her assigned duties, or who by conduct tends to impair his/her usefulness as a member of the Board of Director.


4.1 The NSAD Softball Council shall be represented by the Executive Board, Board of Directors, one liaison for each quadrant, and two player representatives; one male and one female from each quadrant. (Passed in 2017)

4.2 The annual meeting of the Softball Council shall be held in the NSAD tournament city on Thursday before the NSAD Tournament. (One year Trail) (Passed in 2017)

4.3 For the transaction of business at the annual meeting of the Softball Council, a quorum, equal to one-fifth of the representatives, excluding the individual members, shall be required.

4.4 Tardy representatives who arrive at each session more than thirty (30) minutes late shall not be privileged to take the floor for discussion of matters during the business session.

4.5 The Softball Council, during its annual meeting, shall be vested with the government and executive of the affairs of NSAD and by a majority vote may member its authority, in whole or in part to the Executive Board.


1.1 The Commissioner shall appoint the Hall of Fame Chairperson.

1.2 The committee member (s) shall nominate any person (s) deserving to be in the Hall of Fame.

1.3 The nominee ballot shall be turned over to the Board of Directors and they will vote the most qualified person(s).


2.1 The Umpire in Chief shall pick at least five (5) person (s) to be on the Rules Committee

2.1.1 One member shall be a male player on Men’s team

2.1.2 One member shall be a female player on Women’s team

2.1.3 One member shall be a player or coach on Coed team

2.1.4 Two (2) members shall be an umpire

Section 3 – The Law Committee

3.1 The Law Chairperson shall chair the Law Committee and Interpret and revise the Bylaws; Rules and Regulations; and Policies as mandated by this organization

3.2 The Law Chairperson shall appoint three persons with NSAD Executive Board’s approval.

3.3 Law Committee meeting shall be held at any time and place with the approval of the NSAD Board.



1.1 There shall be no discrimination toward any athlete because of race, nationality, gender, color, religion or creed.


2.1 All teams shall be represented by a quadrant, state, county, city, or town as outlined in the membership requirements rules of NSAD By-Laws, Article 1, Membership.

2.2 Each team shall be a member of the NSAD as outlined in the By-Laws, Article One, Section 3 in order to participate in any of the current year’s national tournaments.

2.3 NSAD shall allow Canadian Teams within boundaries to play in the tournament regardless of number of U.S. players playing on the team and be honored if they win the champion in their regional tournament.

2.4 Any player from other country follow their hometown’s standard time to match closest quadrant’s standard time with exceptions of Mexico (West or South) and Ontario, Canada (North or East).

2.5 NSAD shall allow Free Agents as player: Men: one (1) any age, Women: two (2) any age.

2.6 CODA/SODA/Spouse (Hearing) rules (Passed in 2017)

2.6.1 Only ONE (1) Hearing per team.

2.6.2 Must play within the same quadrant.

2.6.3 Limited to one Family per team to be waived toward Hearing rule.

2.6.4 No Hearing players are allowed to be Free Agent.


3.1 A player shall have a hearing loss of 55 db or greater in the worse ear to be eligible. This rule is still subject to deliberation, therefore, not “fully implemented” or “subject to interpretation’.

3.1.1 NSAD Executive Board is authorized to require any player to retake audiology test at the tournament site at the expense of NSAD.

3.2 Players shall have attended a school for the deaf, whether residential or day, oral or combined, shall give their regional secretary a copy of diploma, certificate, or any identified school document as well as audiogram for verification of attendance or graduation. Players who have attended a regular or mainstreaming school are required to submit an old or new audiogram to NSAD secretary.

3.2.1 If a player was requested an audiogram document by NSAD, that player are required to submit the document before June 1st of the tournament year. The player will have to pay twenty dollars ($20) fee if submitted on or after June 1st. (Passed in 2017)

3.3 A player shall not play for a member club outside the quadrant of his/her residence (Look NSAD Rulebook regarding free agent).

3.3.1 A player shall have a valid permanent U.S. driver’s license or U.S. state-issued non-driver identification card.

3.4 Players must be at least 16 years old unless the insurance said otherwise, any players that are younger than 18 must have parents/guardians’ signature. (Passed in 2017)

3.5 WOMEN: A pregnant player shall be permitted to play only at her doctor’s discretion and her signing a waiver form.

3.6 A transgender student athlete should be allowed to participate in any sports activity so long as that athlete’s use of hormone therapy, if any, is consistent with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) existing policies on banned medications. Specifically, a transgender student-athlete should be allowed to participate in sex-separated sports activities under the following conditions on NCAA’s On the Team: Equal Opportunity for Transgender Student-Athletes, for further details please visit pages 28-34.

3.6.1 Player must submit all necessary paperwork to NSAD Secretary 60 days before the tournament. (Passed in 2017)

3.7 NSAD will not honor any grandfather clause of any kind case from 2018 and beyond.

Section 4 PROTESTS

4.1 Any protests regarding eligibility of any team or its players shall be made before the start of national tournaments.


5.1 Any violation of these rules shall cause the team and/or the player to be suspended for a period of two (2) years from the NSAD. The violation shall be reviewed as case by case basis with Board of Directors.


1.1 The NSAD Secretary/Treasurer shall provide all team coaches information on registration and waiver forms, with additional instructions.

1.1.1 Coach of the team can download and print forms online and the coaches are the only one who could submit the players’ roster to NSAD secretary.

1.2 Coaches shall not be allowed to devise or make use of any other type of player’s registration form as such shall be considered invalid.

1.3 A member club may be permitted to register more than one (1) team in national tournaments.

1.4 All official player registration forms, team fees, and/or surcharge fees shall be submitted to the NSAD Secretary by July 10th, postmarked.

1.5 The team roster shall not exceed twenty (20) team members.


2.1 Each team member shall sign his/her name on Athletic Liability Release and Waiver form before playing at NSAD tournament. Failure to sign, he/she will not be able to participate the tournament.

2.2 All coaches shall be responsible for the signatures and any other information of all players on any NSAD registration forms. Any athlete who has been abused, threatened or given intentionally misleading information by a coach or manager for the purpose of defrauding the player, the quadrant of the NSAD or for personal or club gain, shall have the right to lodge a complaint in writing. Such individuals found guilt by the region or the NSAD shall be suspended for a period of not less than two (2) years.

2.3 A team member shall not register more than one (1) team per division. Once registered, team members shall not transfer from one (1) team to another. If the team member signs a second team member’s registration form, this team member shall automatically be suspended form all NSAD competition for a period of one (1) year from the date of the second signature.

2.4 All team members shall have their own health and accident insurance.

2.5 If a team member’s name and/or his/her signature was determined to be forged on the official player’s registration form, the team coach, player and/or manager shall be suspended from all NSAD or regional competition for a period of two (2) years.

2.6 A team that has 11 and less team members is allowed to add up to 3 players before coaches’ meeting at cost of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per player.  Those 3 players would not be counted toward Free Agency rules.


1.1 All team members who are participants or spectators, in any NSAD event of any NSAD tournament shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the NSAD and its regulations.

Section 2 CONDUCTS

2.1 Team members shall conduct themselves in conformance with the tradition of NSAD athletics events at all times and in all places. Coaches and managers shall be responsible for the conduct of their teams.

2.2 Prior to the dismissal of a person who displays unacceptable behavior, the NSAD Executive Committee shall be authorized, directed, and empowered to observe, investigate, hear evidence and determine the facts involved in the violations of the rules of conduct, which are appropriate in the circumstances.

2.3 Any player or spectator who violates the rules of acceptable social behavior and/or regulations governing the use of properties, facilities in the state, county, or city where the athletic events is held shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the host city.


3.1 Any person under the auspices of the NSAD who is caught with chemical-based drugs or illegal substances during any NSAD sponsored event shall be immediately banned from the premises and further banned from any association with the NSAD until cleared of such charges or as determined by the NSAD Board of Directors.



1.1 Selection for NSAD National Tournament Site shall be decided at least one (1) years in advance by the Executive Board.


2.1 NSAD Member clubs desiring to help for Annual NSAD National Tournament shall contact NSAD Softball Tournament Director:

2.2 At least 5 diamonds with lighted and fenced fields. The length of fenced fields shall follow the USA Softball, USSSA, or NSA rules for the National tournaments.


3.1 The annual NSAD Softball Tournament shall be held during last weekend of July or first weekend of August.


4.1 The NSAD National Softball Tournament format shall be determined by the Commissioner and Tournament Director.

4.2 The tournament bracketing shall follow the official brackets according to the number of team entries in the tournament.

4.2.1 Pairings for the games of Round Robin and/or bracket shall be drawn at Coaches’ Meeting.

4.2.2 Once tournament pairings have been made, approved and announced, no changes whatsoever shall be made to the brackets with exception of the weather.

4.2.3 Please check Weather Contingency Plan guideline for further explanation.

4.2.4 Softball Information Director shall create large posters for the Tournament Bracket, at the Fields and as approved by Softball Tournament Director.

4.3 For men division, if there are less than 20 teams, the “B” tournament will not occur. For C0-ED division, if there are less than 10 teams, the “B” tournament will not occur.

4.4 NSAD Officers have neon shirts during the NSAD Tournament.


5.1 The tournament shall begin on either Thursday or Friday of the said tournament dates.

5.2 The completion of the tournament shall be planned on Saturday or Sunday.


6.1 The tournament games shall be governing by registered USA Softball, NSA or USSSA umpires, who are certified and listed in the ASA, NSA or USSSA Softball Guide.

6.1.1 All umpires shall have an on-field clinic on either on Wednesday or Thursday, operated by an appointed Umpire-in Chief (UIC).

6.1.2 Head umpire (UIC) is required to attend coaches meeting.

6.2 Each game, with the round robin games, shall be officiated by either one or two umpires. Each game, with the championship flight bracket shall be officiated by one or two umpires.

6.3 Men and Women Championship games shall be officiated by two to four umpires. (The number of umpires will be the same)

6.4 All championship games shall have an official scorekeeper.


7.1 The NSAD shall charge a NSAD registration fee determined by NSAD Executive Board. Each function of the tournament is sold separately.

7.2 The total sum of all registration fees shall be remitted, in full, to the NSAD Treasurer together with a list of all such combination and individual tickets sold, including the participating players. The registration fees shall be applicable to all and collected by the admission Committee for each and every function sponsored by the NSAD during the days and nights of the tournament and also any party during NSAD Tournament.

7.3 For the convenience of the NSAD Treasurer, each and every variation of tickets sold by Admission Committee shall be numbered in sequence and shall be accountable upon request of the NSAD Treasurer at the close of the tournament.

7.4 The one hundred dollars ($100) within the team entry fee shall go to the cash prize for its division. (Removed in 2017)


8.1 Special-rate combination tickets; Lifetime and Hall of Fame Passes.

8.1.1 Special-rate combinations are Lifetime pass and Hall of Fame Pass

8.1.2 Lifetime Pass goes to winner of NSAD championship for all divisions (Must participate in the tournament). Past Commissioners are automatically allocated. Other positions on Executive Board must serve more than four continuous years.

8.1.3 Lifetime Pass will pay only ten dollars ($10) for all tournament functions except for Hall of Fame banquet.

8.1.4 Hall of Fame Pass will receive free complimentary pass to all NSAD tournaments.


9.1 The NSAD Tournament Director and NSAD Law Chairperson shall be in charge and preside at the Coaches’ meeting. He/she shall prepare the agenda and procedures of said meeting and afford each coach the opportunity to become familiar with all aspects, planning and rules of the tournament games and other such information as the coaches finds necessary.

Section 10 TOURNAMENT AWARDS (Passed in 2017)

10.1 NSAD shall provide tournament awards and for each division as follows:

  • Championship to 4th place teams.
  • Championship team players shall receive Lifetime Pass (Limit to 20 Players)
  • Ten (10) All-Stars (Coaches’ pick)
    • 4 – Championship team
    • 3 – Runner up
    • 2- Third place
    • 1- Forth place
    • *Second team All-Star if necessary*
  • Most Valuable Player for Championship Game (Both coaches/umpires/scorekeepers’ pick)
  • Coach of the Tournament (Tournament Director’s pick)
  • Team Sportsmanship (Tournament Director/Umpires’ pick)
  • Golden Glove (Top 4 team’s coaches’ pick)
  • Most Outstanding Player for the tournament (Top 4 team’s coaches’ pick)

10.2 Each player shall play at least four (4) games and shall have at least twelve (12) plate appearances in the Softball Tournament in order to be eligible for an All-Star, Most Outstanding Player Awards.


11.1 During the progress of any games in the NSAD Softball Tournament only the teams’ registered team members may occupy their dugout with required to wear uniforms.

11.2 All tournament games rules and regulations, other than specified in these NSAD Rules and Regulations, shall be followed as outlined in the National Softball Association (NSA), around January 1st, annually.

11.3 PROTESTS and APPEALS – All $100 cash will be imposed for each appeal during national tournament games. If the protest is valid $100 will be returned to the team otherwise national organization shall keep the appeal money.  

  1. The management team from the park reserves the right to make all final decisions based on whether the fields are in playable condition(s).
  2. NSAD will check and compare weather reporting websites: Weather Underground, National Weather Service/NOAA and the local weather to get a forecast for the day and following day.
  3. NSAD and the park management team will assess how much potential rainfall is expected and determine how many fields can be used and the number of games based on that.
  4. If it is determined the tournament must be played on one day only, Double Elimination Tournament format will be initiated. The seeding will be based on the previous year tournament results and any remaining teams will be placed into brackets from drawings by NSAD officers.
  5. If rain is expected on the first day only, Pool play will commence. Adjustments may be necessary to provide the same number of games evenly among all teams.  Consideration of two-pitch game format may be necessary.
  6. If rain is expected on the second day only, adjustments during the first day of play may be necessary for both Pool play and Double Elimination Tournament format. With the understanding, the Championship flight will be given first priority and will continue to play with scheduling and weather permitting such, probability of the consolation brackets may be included to play. If inclement weather prevents completion of the consolation flight, NSAD will recognize the winner of the Championship flight as the champions.
  7. Based on NSAD’s best use of judgement on how much playing time is available for the Championship flight;  if the estimated game playing time is 45 minutes or less, the game will start with a 2-2 count with a courtesy foul (or 2 pitch). For 65 minute game length, regular game playing will continue.
  8. If lightning occurs, games will be stopped/paused and everyone must seek safe-shelter and be on stand-by until further notice from NSAD.

NSAD National Softball Association for the Deaf

EXECUTIVE BOARD The members of the NSAD Executive Board shall consist of Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS The makeup of the Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Board, Tournament Director, Law Chairperson, Webmaster and Commissioner Emeritus.

TEAM MEMBER A team consist of players, coaches, managers, water persons, bat persons, scorekeepers/statisticians; whose signature is on the NSAD registration team form and in dug out only.


USA SOFTBALL Formerly the Amateur SoftballAssociation (ASA)

USSSA United States Specialty Sports Association:

NSA Nationals Softball Association:

GSL Global Sports League:

ISA – Independent Sports Association;

CODA Children of Deaf Adult.

SODA Sibling of Deaf Adult.

QUADRANT Any of the four parts into which a plane is divided by rectangular coordinate axes laying in that plane. NSAD is administratively divided into four geographical quadrants of UNEQUAL SIZE.

PLAY The conducting of an athletic match or contest.

EMERITUS A person retired from professional life but permitted to retain as an honorary title the rank of the last office held. (Commissioner Emeritus).

PARLIAMENTARIAN A person who is expert in the formal rules and procedures of deliberative assemblies and otherormal organizations.

NSAD Modified Rules

**If the rule is not listed, please go to NSA rulebook**

  • THE LINEUP CARD must submit to the other team’s scorekeeper or umpire before 10 minutes of the game. The card included with player’s last name with one letter of first name with number of jersey. Also the substitute player must be in the lineup card.
  • GRACE PERIOD: There will be no grace period for any scheduled games unless the tournament director or Commissioner grants to have a grace period.
  • HOME AND VISITOR: it will be determined by a coin flip.
  • TEAM COMPOSITION: Teams may start with eight (8) players and add up to ten (10) once the game has started.
    1. A team that starts the game with 8 or 9 may add additional players after the game has started.
      1. These players should be placed at the bottom of the line-up.
      2. Teams playing with 10 or 11 players may finish the game with 8 players, but the vacated spots in the line-up will be an automatic out, regardless of the reason for the player’s inability to play.
    1. Limit five (5) homeruns per game. (A homerun is a ball hit over the fence) Any homerun hit after the permitted amount will be ruled an OUT.
    2. It is each team’s responsibility to retrieve its own foul balls or home run balls. They should be returned to the home plate umpire.
    1. Game length is seven innings or when the 65-minute and no new inning after 60 minutes with the exception that if the between two teams in a game is 3 runs or less, they shall play one more inning.
    2. All games tied at the end of a regulation game, will be played to completion using the Omaha Rule except for the championship game.
    1. If the score is tied after seven innings or the time limit expires the offensive team will place the last official batter on second base. The next batter in the lineup will start with a 2-2 count with one courtesy foul. This procedure is repeated until a winner is declared.
    1. BALLS-STRIKE RULE starts the count 1 ball and 1 strike on all batters with one courtesy foul after the batter has 2 strikes on him/her.

STRIKE ZONE will include any part of mat and back part of black home plate.

  1. Pitching arc is from 5 feet to 10 feet arc pitch from ground. (Passed in 2017)
  2. Show-boating is allowed within 5 seconds limit otherwise a ball will be called.
  • BATS approved NSA and USSSA (Watch out for the update of banned bats.)
    1. NSAD shall provide two (2) new balls of any color for each tournament game.
    2. NSAD Commissioner, Tournament Director and NSAD UIC shall make the decisions on what kind of ball is used in that park.
  • TECHINCAL OUT: A sanction against those teams or individuals, whose behavior is unacceptable, be the umpire judges the ejection is too severe a penalty; the umpire may involve the technical out against the offending team.
    1. OFFENSE: If the team at bat is guilty of unsportmanship-like conduct the umpire may enforce an out against team. If this is the first of second out of the inning, the game continues with batters and base runners unaffected; an additional out is simple added to the team’s total. If the technical out is the third out of the inning, the next inning will resume with a fresh one-and-one count.
    2. DEFENSE: If the team in the field is guilty of unsportmanship-like conduct the umpire may invoke the technical out rule by giving them an out when they come to bat.
  1. Two consecutive technical outs may be not assessed against the same team. At least one pitch (legal or illegal) must intervene. An ejection for any unsportmanship-like behavior or must be accompanied by the charging of an out against the offending team.

*A team has the option of accepting ejection instead of receiving a technical out by informing umpire prior to the next pitch. *

    1. Verbal or physical abuse by players, coaches, and spectators will not be tolerated! Umpires may call forfeiture of a game if players, coaches, or spectators are out of control.
      1. The judgment call will not change at all. Only the umpire’s ruling and why it was incorrect then you may correct with your protest before the new pitch.
      2. It shall be responsibility of the coach to control the actions of his/her players and fans. Only team members on the NSAD registration form are permitted on the team bench.
      3. A player ejected from a game for misconduct may be subject to the following minimum penalties:(coach will be notified with length of player suspension)
        • 1st Ejection- he/she cannot play that game.
        • 2nd Ejection- he/she cannot play the whole tournament.
    1. Teams are required to wear like uniforms. The pants and shorts can be mixed as long the same colors. Hats are optional. As long the hats are same design to all players. Anyone who does not follow the rule cannot be in dugout or on field. (Passed in 2017)

Women Modified Rules

  • DESIGNATED HITTER for only Women’s:
    1. The designated hitter that was marked with the asterisk on the line-up card right before the start of the game shall be awarded two bases for any kind of walk (intentional walk or getting 3 balls during the same at-bat, drawing a walk) that she receives in a game.

CO-ED Modified Rules

  • 6-4 Co-ED Slow pitch, (6) males and four (4) female players.
  1. NOTE: A female CAN be a pitcher in a 6/4 format, but a male must be the catcher. The other females can play any other position, other than pitcher, without regard to any specific number of infielders or outfielders being male or female, but must still have 1 female in both infield and outfield.
  • The Batting order in 6/4 tournaments shall be no more than two (2) male batters in a row. After two (2) male batters, there MUST be a female batter. If the male batter walks, and another male batter succeeds the walked male batter in the batting order, the walked male batter would only be awarded one (1) base. If a female batter succeeds the walked male batter, the male batter will be awarded two (2) bases.
  • No more than six (6) male player may play defense at one time
  • If the extra player (EP) is used, a team must use two (2) extra players, one male and one female. These players may play defense at any time, but they must retain their original positions in the batting order. The batting order must remain the same unless a substitution is used in the offensive line-up.
    1. NOTE: When a team is using the extra player(s) (EP), and in the event a player or players are removed for any reason during the course of the game and no substitution is available, the player removed shall be scored as an out when his/her turn comes up in the batting order. In the event this occurs, the player immediately following the removed player is simply bypassed as a batter, but may still remain in the game as a defensive player.
  • A Courtesy Runner (which is not recorded as a substitute in the line-up) and of the same sex, may be used for one (1) male player and one (1) female player per inning. The Courtesy Runner can be any player on the team roster who is present, eligible and not been ejected and may be used for one (1) male and one (1) female player per inning per team. The Courtesy Runner DOES NOT have to be the same player each time the player in need of the courtesy runner becomes a runner. The courtesy runner will be entered into the game by the Head Coach through the home plate umpire before play resumes. Once play resumes by the umpire declaring play ball; that courtesy runner will be officially entered. If the courtesy runner comes to bat while on base, the courtesy runners spot in the batting order becomes an out and the next batter listed in the batting order comes to bat. The courtesy runner “MAY NOT” under any circumstances be substituted for. The defensive team “MAY” walk to get to the vacated spot in the lineup. (ONE YEAR TRAIL @ 2017)
  • HR Rule is Plus One (1) the first HR over the limit will be declared an out. (Passed in 2017)
  • CODA/SODA RULE: Allow 1 hearing male player and 2 hearing female players to participate on COED team. (Check Hearing Player Rules) Note: See the Glossary of “hearing player”
  • UNIFORMS: Teams are required to wear like uniforms only on jersey shirts including team members.