Road to Indianapolis

Road to Indianapolis

Updated as of August 4, 2016

If you plan to participate in 2016 NSAD Tournament, send an email to





*California 3B (Farwest)

*CA Soldiers (Northwest)

*Carolinas (Southeast)

*DC Generals (East)

*Derby Fighting Irish (New England)

*Detroit Hitmen (Central)

*DMV Senators (East)

*Flint Arrows (Central)

*Grenade Kingz (Midwest)

*Holyoke Athletics(New England)

*Hoy’s Boys (Northwest)

*Houston Xtremes (Southwest)

*MAFIA (Central)

*Men of Mayhem (Southwest)

*NE EVO (New England)

*New Century Press/Blue Sox (Midwest)

*New Jersey Bombers (East)

*Pittsburgh Steel Balls (East)

*Puerto Rico (Southeast)

Tidewater Tides (Southeast)

*WSAD Old Style (Central)

*WSAD Mustangs (Central)



*B.A.B. (Farwest)

*Chicago WSAD (Central)

*Eastern Lady Reapers (East)

*Midwest Runnin’ Rebels (Midwest)

*Midwest Thundercats (Midwest)

*New Jersey Strong (East)

*Yinzers (East)



*ASP Nation (Central)

*Detroit Belles (East)

*Eastern Zone (East)

*Eastern Zombies (East)

*ID Dragons (Central)

*Indy Thunders (Central)

*Midwest Maulers (Midwest)

*Midwest Underdogs (Midwest)

*NE Oddballs (New England)

*Ruthless (Midwest)

*Tidewater Skulls (Southeaset)

*WSAD KCIB (Central)